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Our lightweight aggregate makes our wall panels

  • Energy Efficient
  • Better Insulation - The patented Everlast concrete mix combines the properties of the thermal mass of concrete with the insulation factors of poly-styrene beads resulting in a higher insulation quality than that of standard concrete block walls. CBS block alone has an R-value of about R1. Everlast's 5" thick wall has a rating of R3.5.
  • Sound Deadening - The solid concrete construction of the Everlast wall results in less noise penetration from outside, allowing more privacy inside.
  • Fire Resistant - Tests performed by the Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Institute shows that our 5 inch thick pre-cast lightweight concrete wall will have a fire endurance of 2 or more hours. Our 5.1 inch thick wall will yield a 4 hour fire rating. These tests all show that concretes with light agregates, such as Everlast, have a higher fire resistance than similar concretes using normal weight aggregates.
  • Bug Deterrant - An Everlast built structure is a "tight" structure. This reduces the amount of pollen inside the home as well as less space for insects and vermine to live and breed.
  • Added Living Space - The Everlast panel thickness (5") is 3" less in thickness than traditional concrete block construction. This adds approximately 60 sq. ft. of living space to the average home.


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